"Make it Happen"(11.16.2011)

Scaled Options at Vagabond CrossFit make us different from other gyms, as we have a Level System that is set up to fit everyone's physical capabilities. The Level System is calculated and systematically delivered for everyone to complete the workouts!

*Vagabond CrossFit Gymnastics Class on Wednesday, November 16th @ 5:35 pm. Check out Coach Heather’s Blog for the workout and some great information involving all areas of gymnastics. Click HERE to see the updated workout.*

*Hey Everyone competing in the Turkey Throwdown this weekend. We will be meeting at Vagabond CrossFit at 7:30 am, and leaving by 7:45 am, so if you plan on carpooling, please be there at those times on Saturday AM. Also people have been asking about schedule for the week and how to prepare for competition. This is simple, and everything will be laid out for you. Here is the schedule for people competing during the weekend.

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011: Perform Vagabond CrossFit Workout @ Level 2, even elite athletes complete Level 2 for workout.

Thursday, November 17th, 2011: Come into Vagabond CrossFit perform No Grain Challenge Workout.

Friday, November 18th, 2011: Come into Vagabond CrossFit, work on mobility, stretching, and there will be a cool down workout to keep you loose for Saturday Competition- Coming in on Friday should be mandatory, because I will be going over workouts for the weekend, and also giving you guys some tips as well for competition prep!

I. Vagabond CrossFit Takes it the Next Level:
Here at Vagabond CrossFit, we take our program design quite serious, and want everyone to benefit from the daily workout. The one thing that makes us different from other gyms is our leveling system for every client within Vagabond CrossFit. We have a systematic level system that is designed for each and every client within Vagabond CrossFit. So, if you are an advanced athlete to a beginner athlete, you will be able to perform the workout of the day with little trouble. We do not just sub movements on the fly, but each week, we come up with the leveling system for each and every person! However, within 3 to 6 months, we will be having a new system that will break it down even farther, and even meet more of your needs. We are currently working on making different lifestyle approaches to everyone’s workout. So, we will replace the Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 with three groups of training phases. The first will be function, where the beginner will have its need met through learning about strength and conditioning training. The second level will be called Being, where the beginner is evolving into more a “gym rat”, and they upgrade their fitness. The last and final level will be called Will, in which, this is a person who desires to compete, and make this their sport. We are constantly trying to better our program, and adhere to everyone’e needs. This is what makes us different from other gyms, as we put time into our programming, and are always looking to step up our game for YOU!

Jessica using Banded Ring Dips to get the same stimulus as an RX Ring Dip!

II. Dynamic Specific:
3 to 4 Minutes of Dynamic Stretches:
Cobra Stretch
Scorpian Hold
Iron Cross
Flex and Relax Back Mobility
then the following of 3 Rounds of:
5 Wall Angels
5 Squat Therapy
10 Pike Sit-Ups
III. Dynamic Mobility:
Hamstring Banded Stretch around Pull-Up Bar x 120 seconds each hamstring
IV. Conditioning Workouts:
A. “Make it Happen”(7 Sets for time of):
Row 300 m
Weighted Back Extensions x 15 repetitions @ 25 lbs/15 lbs
*Rest 2:00 Minutes between Sets*
*Level 1(Function)*
5 Sets for time of:
Row 300 m
Good Mornings x 15 repetitions
*Rest 2:00 Minutes
*Level 2(Being)*
7 Sets for time of:
Row 300 m
Back Extensions x 15 repetitions
*Rest 2:00 Minutes*
*Level 3(Will)*
7 Sets for time of:
Weighted Back Extensions x 15 repetitions @ 25/15
*Rest 2:00 Minutes*
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