"Make-Up Day"(10.3.2010)

Jessica Climbing One of the Many Hills at the Rugged Maniac!!

I. Sunday Vagabond Gym Hours:
Morning Hours: 9:00 am and 10:00 am

II. Vagabond Rugged Maniac 5k Challenge Recap:
The Vagabonds who participated in the Rugged Maniac 5k Challenge exceeded expectations and really impressed me with their determination and community driven attitude. The day was filled with first time accomplishments and award winning performances. I am truly grateful to all the Vagabonds who participated in the daunting task of climbing hill upon hill and finishing in true Vagabond fashion. The day was started with each Vagabond taking part in their heat run and after enjoying some non-paleo beverages, which is acceptable on some occasions to celebrate a great day. Also, it was great to see a vast majority of the runners being CrossFitters and meeting with other Team CrossFit Members. Thank You for all your support and hard work during the day. This is just another accomplishment for the Vagabond Gym to see some great results and really shows that hard work does pay off in the end.

Accomplishments for Vagabonds:
*Joe, Jessica and Honorary Vagabond(Joe’s Girlfriend)- All Finished their first 5k Race and first Obstacle Course Race*

*Mike- Finished in 25 Minutes, putting him in the top 20 percent of all racers*

*Bruce-Top 3 Overall for Age Group*

*Kevin- Top 35 out of 2500 Runners*

III. Sunday Make-Up WOD or Skill Work:
Come into Vagabond to make-up a WOD during the week or to just work some Skills