"May Vagabond of the Month"

Every Month we will be choosing a Vagabond from the gym, who we believe as trainers have made a difference in the community, and have seen a difference in their physical, mental, and overall good being within the gym. The person chosen is someone who is consistent within the gym, puts the work in when they come to the gym, and makes a positive contribution to the community. We have so many people to choose from, and so every month there will be a different Vagabond chosen every month.

This Vagabond has been the ideal member of the gym because of her work ethic, and also someone who has a busy life with a full time job, and the tough task of having two children under the age of two within their lives. She is someone who comes into Vagabond everyday with a smile, and a desire to get better each day in her time spent at Vagabond. She has a great work ethic, and is consistently in the gym 5 or more days during the week, and has no excuses, and just gets the work done!

I am proud to announce the winner of Vagabond of the Month is:



This means alot to me and shows that if you work hard you do get noticed!




 Where you are originally from and/or where  you live now:

I am originally from Stoughton, MA and currently live in Middleboro, MA


Month you were born in:



What days/times you typically train at  VBC:

All different times morning, afternoon, and night


Anything else interesting/unique about you  that you’d like to share: 

I love cooking and planning parties


In addition to being a CrossFitter, I am…

A mother and hair stylist


My proudest accomplishment(s) in my  training so far is/are…

To have improved and become more comfortable in my lifting techniques and I feel like I have so much more

stamina in my workouts I could hardly do a burpee or squat when i started and used to

cringe when I saw them as part of the workout but now I don’t even flinch.


Some current training goals and/or personal goats are…

What’s the best thing about Vagabond?

My personal goal is to lose 10 lbs and to work toward

one day becoming a part of the competition phase !

 The best thing about vagabond is the sense of community and family you become a part of.

Vagabond has literally changed my life when I needed it. After losing my mother to cancer 3 years ago

and having 2 babies back to back I felt lost and overwhelmed. I decided to join vagabond to boost my confidence

and I got that and so much more. I want to thank all the coaches for being so supportive and personable and

all the other vagabonds who are now friends! You keep me coming as much as I can and I couldn’t do it

without you all!