"Meet The New Intern, John M. and Spreadsheet Testing"(4.19.2013)

For the last four months, John Morrissey has been staying late hours at Vagabond, as he gets prepared during his Vagabond Internship. A requirement of Vagabond for anyone interested in coaching is now a six month, unpaid internship, where you will shadow coach, and learn the tricks behind the trade of coaching. John has been an invaluable member, but as I began to see him help people on his own accord, and give tips to other Vagabonds, I began to see a Vagabond Coach in him. John in the near future, will be taking over the Beginners Class at Vagabond, and will be moving on to take the Functional Movement Screening Course and Assessment Course through OPT. I want to say thank you for John’s effort, and it was about time, we made it official that John was going through his internship.

Kevin:  So tell us – What’s your name, who are you, where are you from?

John: I am John Morrissey. I am a workaholic, which has translated nicely over to all of the sports I have participated and or competed in, including my latest addiction to the sport of CrossFit.  I am originally from Brockton and grew up in a very competitive atmosphere with all the inner city sports programs.

Kevin: What has your Vagabond experience been like thus far?

John: The Vagabond experience has been a great one.  Ive met a ton of new friends and finally found another place to focus my energy.  Before Vegabond, I was popping in and out of gyms, and maintaining an unusually low level of fitness.  I have since improved on that and realized that even as far as I have come, I have a long hard journey ahead of me.  The best part though, is that I have a ton of fellow Vagabonds that share this affinity for pain and suffering. Sicko’s…  Another aspect that has added to my experience is the constant knowledge I’m being hit with each and every time I walk through the doors, making Vagabond a place not only to gain physical fitness, but to grow mentally as well.

Kevin:Why did you choose Vagabond as your place for internship, other than that we are an awesome bunch?

John:  I chose Vagabond because after working out and getting to the know the people here, I realized that I wanted to be here as much as possible.  When I heard Kev say he needed someone to help with “On Ramp”, I jumped at the opportunity.  Since I Left College I have been looking for a way continue my education.  Fitness, one way or the other, has always been a hobby of mine.  This internship gives me an opportunity to learn and grow as an athlete under some of the best local talent available.

Kevin: What do you hope to gain from this experience?

John: My overall aim is to have fun, get fit, and add to the quality of the gym.  I also want to soak up as much as I can from Kev and the rest of the coaches at Vagabond.  Ive already made a ton of friends and Im hoping to add new ones everyday.  This community is very tight knit and the networking is unbelievable.  So far I haven’t run into anything that the coaches couldn’t help me with, or someone that they knew couldn’t.  What I stand to gain is access to that network and everything that comes with it.

Kevin: Ok, now onto the important questions. What is your favorite music to have on while working out?

John: Electronic is pretty sick, seems like it gets the blood flowing.  Ill listen to anything though.  I get good energy from emo bands, heavy metal, rock, you name it, it works for me.  Obviously slower music like alternative is sick, but it doesn’t exactly take priority on my gym mix.

Kevin: What is your favorite workout/least favorite workout and why?

John: My favorite workouts are those that involve body weight exercises.  Im stronger with those than I am with weight exercises.  I specifically like the Lactate Power Testers.  There is nothing better than leaving the gym barely being able to breath.  My least favorite workout/exercise are the Thrusters.  For whatever reason they are extremely hard for me.  Even though they are my least favorite exercise, I look forward to every time we do them.  It’s the things that I suck at that I know I need to work on more.  Not being good at them motivates me to get good at them.

Kevin If you were an animal, what animal would you be and why?

John:  I Would definitely be a dolphin.  They are extremely intelligent and athletic.  Aside from that I envy their freedom.  They are born without any restraints that we as humans put on each other and ourselves.  As far as I know they don’t have any aspirations to rule the world and there are no poor dolphins as opposed to rich dolphins.  They take care of each other and live in big pods.  They are a tight knit unit and seem to live life and have fun.  Seems like the quality of life is pretty high.

I. Dynamic and Mobility Prep Warm-Up:
3 minutes of z1 work
4-5 minutes of mobility work
ankles, hips, t-spine
4-5 minutes of workout prep
wall angels
strict push ups
plank walk outs
strict chin ups
II. Phases Strength and Conditioning:
A. Lifestyle Phase:
Squat Intense + Upper Body Pull + Row Tester
A. Front Squat, work to a 1 rep maximum. 12 Minute Time Limit
This is a Vagabond Spreadsheet Testing, please put your results and data into Spreadsheet on the Vagabond Webpage
Last Time Tested was February 20th, 2013
B. Strict Pronated Pull Ups @ 20×1, Test as many as you can without letting go of the barbell with following tempo.
If you cannot do strict pronated pull ups, then perform strict ring rows to failure, but must be perfect form through the whole way thru.
This is a Vagabond Spreadsheet Testing day, so please put your results an data into Spreadsheet on Vagabond Webpage
Last Time Tested was February 20th, 2013
C. Row 500 Meters for Time
This is a Vagabond Tracking System Test, please put results and data into Spreadsheet on Vagabond Webpage.
Last Time Tested was February 20th, 2013
B. Fitness Phase:
Core Tester + Aerobic Tester
A. Tabata Sit Ups: 8 Rounds of the following, 20 seconds on/10 seconds off. 1 Round consists 20 seconds of work, then 10 seconds of Rest
This is a Vagabond Spreadsheet Testing Workout. Please write results into Vagabond Tracking System
Last Tested on February 25th, 2013
B. 10 Minute Airdyne Test: Max Calories within 10 Minutes
This is a Vagabond Spreadsheet Testing Day. Please write results into Vagabond Tracking System
Last Tested on February 25th, 2013
C. Competition Phase:
Oly Intense CP Tester + Lactate Tester
A. Snatch, 1 Rep Max, 12 Minute Time Limit.
B. For Time of the following:
15 Clean and Jerks @ 115/75 lbs
50 Calories on Airdyne
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