"Monday 4.17.2017 + VBC Olympic Lifting Class @ 6:35 pm"

*Gym Brief for the Week*
1. Vagabond Next Beginners Class on April 25th:
We offer our Beginners Program, which is mandatory before entering the group class and will be directed through a well organized and efficient program. The duration of the Beginners Class Program is 6 small group sessions, which will last two weeks long. We will teach you the fundamentals of our Strength and Conditioning Program to help make your transition into the classes a little easier for you within a small group setting.
2. Vagabond TRX Class Starts on Sunday, April 30th, 2017 for 8 am class:
TRX Suspension Training – This 6 week, 55 minute long class consists of body weight exercises that develop strength, balance, flexibility and core strength simultaneously along with improving your metabolic conditioning. The suspension training straps help even the newest member to exercise gain strength and core stability. Every exercise can be as challenging as the user makes it. Just alter your angle to the anchor to use more or less of your body weight. This full body workout will leave you impressed with how little equipment you need in order to get an intense workout. TRX small group classes are limited to 6 participants.

Dave Martin

I. Dynamic and Mobility Prep Warm-Up:
3 minutes of z1 work
3-5 Minutes of the following:
Coach Choice
3 Sets of the following:
20 Seconds of Burpees
Rest 10 Seconds
20 Seconds of Airdyne/Row
Rest 10 Seconds
20 Seconds of Goblet Squats
Rest 10 Seconds
II. Phases Strength and Conditioning:
A. Lifestyle Phase
Single Leg/Upper Body Pull/Upper Body Pull/Core+ + Short Conditioning
A1. DB Split Squats, 8 reps/each leg x 3 sets, rest 45 seconds.
A2. DB Row, 8-10 reps/each arm x 3 sets, rest 45 seconds.
A3. Side Bridges, 25 seconds.each side x 3 sets, rest 45 seconds.
A4. DB External Rotations, 8 reps/each side x 3 sets, rest 45 seconds.
B. 4 Rounds for time of the following:
Run 200 Meters
20 Walking Lunges(Modify to Box Step-Ups)
10 Ball Slams
Rest 60 seconds between rounds
B. Fitness Phase
Squat Bending/Core/Core+ Short Conditioning Lactate
A. Front Squat, build to a 1 rep max, 10 minute time limit.
Look at September 26th, 2016 + November 28th, 2016
B1. DB Reverse In-Place Lunge, 8 reps/each leg x 3 sets, rest 45 seconds.
B2. Side Bridges, 25 seconds/each side x 3 sets, rest 45 seconds.
C. 4 Rounds for time of the following:
Run 200 Meters
15 Box Jumps Step Downs
10 Wall Balls
Rest 60 seconds between sets rounds
C. Competition Phase
Max Effort Squat + Oly Clean + PC/Core + Gymnastics Fatigue Training
A. Front Squat, work to a heavy set of 3 rep max, 12 minute time limit, no more than 3-4 working sets, keep low volume.
B. Squat or Power Clean Cluster, 1 rep x 5 sets @ 85% of best clean, rest 2 minutes plus between sets.
C. Clean Deadlift, 75%, 3 reps x 3 sets, rest 2 minutes between sets.
D1. DB Split Squats @ 25% of bodyweight, 8 reps/each leg x 3 sets, rest 1 minute.
D2. Weighted Sit-Ups, 20 reps x 3 sets, rest 1 minute.
E. 9-15-21-27 of the following:
Power Clean @ 115 lbs/75 lbs
Lateral Burpees
Cal Row
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