Monday and Tuesday Workout of the Day

This begins my journey of trying to stay on a program, and trying to keep my head on straight. My goal is to stay on a Olympic Lifting Program for 60 days with limited amount of conditioning, because my focus right now is to gain some strength in my olympic lifts, but also to have fun, and just fool around with some stuff. I am using a Bulgarian Method of training, where I will be working off of percentages, and concentrating all my lifts around the classic lifts, and some back squat and front squats. The Bulgarian Method is simple, and to the point, which I need, and hopefully this goes well.

Monday, October 3rd, 2011 Workouts:
A. Snatch, work to a singles @ 80%, 5 x 1 @ 160 lbs
B. Clean and Jerk, work to singles @ 80%, 5 x 1 @ 200 lbs
C. 100 Sit-Ups

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011 Workouts:
A. Snatch, work to singles @ 85%, 5 x 1 @ 170 lbs
B. Clean and Jerk, work to singles @ 85%, 5 x1 @ 210 lbs
C. Front Squat, work to Heavy Single, and then 1 x 90%, then 3 x 3 @ 85%
Heavy Single: 285 lbs
1 x 90%: 255 lbs
3 x 3 @ 85%: 240 lbs

My problem the last 8 weeks before this strength program was I was doing max effort lifts or lifts at 90% for most of the time. This was the wrong way to train, as I was pring in the beginning, but as you go this long with max effort lifts, your central nervous system is going to break down, which it did. I was feeling drained and tired, and it was not from the conditioning workouts, but from the strength program that I was implementing into my training. Going at percentages, and mixing up the percentages keeps your fresh, and does not always have you working at maximal effort, which at some point, will break you down, and you will stall!