Monday and Tuesday Workouts of the Day

Took four days off due to preparation for the WinterFest Competition we were holding at Vagabond this past weekend. However with the days off and being antsy, it was all worth it, and in the end, we had a very successful weekend, and got our name out there alot more.

However, on Tuesday I realized, my goals and aspirations where kind of backwards. I have been miserable with my training, and just kind of going through the motions, and just missing alot of days. My overall goal is to be healthy, and help with some stress freeing ability. These last couple of months have not been stress free, and my training program has been garbage. After considerable thinking over the last couple of months, I have decided to enter back into the Endurance World, and go back to running a couple of races. I am registered and signed up for an ultrathon in July, and the next 4 months, this will be my training protocol. My only goal is to go sub 5 hours in 32 miles. I am not looking to break any records, but just get back into something I loved and something that truly helps with stress. So here we go!!

Monday, February 20th, 2012:
A. 4 Sets of the following:
15 Burpees As Fast As Possible
Rest 2:00 minutes
27 seconds to 31 seconds
B. 4 Sets of the following:
20 second max effort row
Rest 2:00 minutes
111 meters to 115 meters
C. 4 Sets of the following:
20 seconds max airdyne
Rest 2:00 minutes
15 cals to 16 cals
D. Tabata Double Unders

Tuesday, Februar 21st, 2012:
5 Mile Tempo Run
*Getting ready for training for the ultramarathon in July, and rest of week will be doing crossfit endurance, but have a discussion with Michael Fitz about possibly programming for me.