Monday, January 21st, 2013

Snatch Intense + Clean and Jerk Intense + Thrusters/Pull Ups
A. Snatch Deadlift @ 20×0, 1 rep x 10 sets, on the minute. Drop each rep from the top position. Use 110% of your best snatch.
B. Clean and Jerk Cluster @ 75%, 1.1 x 5 sets, rest 3-4 minutes between sets.
C1. Thrusters, 2-3 reps x 5 sets, go heavier than last week, rest 1 minute.
C2. AMRAP(-2) Kipping Pull Ups x 5 sets, rest 1 minute. Go to almost failure, but 2 to 3 reps shy of your best pull up number in a row.