Monday, July 16th, 2012 Workout

Today was a good day, nothing compare to the top athletes in the world, but once again my goal is to compete with the Northeast, and today was finally a day where I felt pretty good… I have to run a 24 hour relay in a couple of weeks, which will hurt my training a little bit, but overall it is for the good of the community, and a little hurt here or there will be fine. Today I felt pretty good with everything, and even my back was still pretty sore from last week, but with some icing, stretching, and mobilization, it def helped over the weekend. I knew when I was warming up, I was going to hit a decent power snatch because everything felt pretty good. It was not pretty, but overall I know I can hit more on the weight, because today was only a heavy single, and not going for a personal record. If I can remember, my power snatch about 3 months ago was around 175 to 180 lbs, and today I hit 200 lbs pretty easily besides my footwork. I also felt pretty good on back squat, and could have went heavier on that as well, but bested my reps and weight from last week, and it was done at a tempo as well. Overall felt pretty good today, and I think I needed this day to give myself a little confidence, as things have not been going my way the last few months. I just have to stay on course, and keep following the program that Fitz lays out for me!

Monday, July 16th, 2012 Workout:
A. Power Snatch, work to heavy single in a few sets…
Worked up to 200 lbs, and pretty happy with this overall.
B1. High Bar Back Squat @ 20×1, 2-3 reps x 3 sets, rest 3 minutes
B2. Supinated Weighted Pull Ups @ 30×0, 4-6 reps x 3 sets, rest 3 mins
All reps @ 44 lbs x 5 reps.
C1. DB Seated Press @ 30×0, 6-9 reps x 3 sets, rest 1:30
All reps @ 60 lbs x 6 reps.
C2. Strict GHD Raise x 6-9 reps x 3 sets, rest 1:30
All reps @ 9 reps.
D. Airdyne @ 100% @  20 seconds x 3 sets, rest 1 min
18 cals-17 cals-17 cals