Monday Workout of the Day

Today was a good day in the gym, and def getting more comfortable with the power snatch position. This was def one of my weak points because it was so far off from from full snatch, however, lately I have been progressing and going up everytime I test for a one rep max. It is def from the over exposure, and today could have went heavier, but stopped at a personal record. However, the second portion was fine, but my wrists has been killing me as of late during cleans, and just from some sort of tendinitis because of the overload of olympic lifting, and bending of the wrists. I am fine with it, but affected me slightly with being able to hit some touch n go with the power cleans, so had to drop each one. My kipping handstand push ups were okay, and def not up to status with the elite, but few months ago, would not have been any per se for reps in a row on low depth handstand  push ups, so I will look at the positive side.

Power Snatch @ 210 lbs…

Monday, September 24th, 2012 Workout:
A. Power Snatch, work to one rep max…
worked to 210 lbs, and set personal record by 5 lbs.
B1. Power Cleans @ 225 lbs x AMRAP x 1 minute x 5 sets, rest 1 minute
B2. Kipping Handstand Push Ups @ 8 inch depth x AMRAP x 1 minute x 5 sets, rest 1 minute.
C1. Banded GHD Raises x 8 reps x 5 sets, rest 1 minute.
C2. DB Low Incline Press @ 30×0, 9 reps x 5 sets, rest 1 minute.
55 lbs-55 lbs-60 lbs-70 lbs-75 lbs