Monday Workout of the Day

I did workout a few times before Monday, but I am going to forgoe putting on the blog, as my new training with Michael Fitzgerald has begun starting today. I am actually quite sore from the CrossFit Opens Workout 12.1, and little worried about since it has not gone away. I am hoping it is just delayed onset muscle soreness and will go away over the next few days. I do plan on finishing the Open Workouts, but Michael has me basically training for next year, and also training in the meantime for the ultrathon in July. However, my foot was feeling better, but as of right now, it is quite sore, and possibly might have to stay away from it for a few days, but I am going to wait and see how it feels in the morning. I am excited to work with Mike, and see what progress I will make with a legit program, and hopefully I can stick to it. It will def push me, and it will def expose alot of my weaknesses, and also expose my laziness over the last few months, since I have not hit alot of my weaknesses over this time period, which in time, I will pay for it in the future, but it is what it is, and I will keep working towards my goals.

Mike has also put me on a diet plan that will include a higher intake of carbs of over 200 grams a day, and then protein at 150 grams, and fat at 125 grams. This was the first time in awhile that I actually ate three whole meals throughout the day and some snacks as well. It def made a difference, and I felt more energized.

Workout for Monday, February 26th, 2012:
*My arms are very sore from burpees, and handstand push ups were a mess today, and in time hopefully I will gain some of this strength back.*

AM Session
Row x 20:00 Minutes @ Zone 1… Average Heart Rate 113

PM Session
A1. High Bar Back Squat, 4-6 reps @ 4011 x 4 sets, rest 2 minutes
185(6 reps)-205(6 reps)-225(5 reps)-245(4 reps)
A2. Shoulder Press, 4-6 reps @ 31×0 x 4 sets, rest 2 minutes
95(6 reps)-105(6 reps)-110(5 reps)-115(4 reps)
B1. DB Walking Lunges @ 20×1 x 3 sets@ 50 lbs dumbbells, 12 each leg
B2. AMRAP Handstand Push-Ups x 3 sets, 6 reps-3 reps-3 reps
*My shoulders were smoked and just tired*
C. Barbell Russian Step Ups x 3 sets x 15 each leg/ rest 1 minute each lef
Use an empty barbell