Monday Workout of the Day

Hit some lactate endurance training and then some strength work….

A. 5 Sets of the following:
30 seconds hang power cleans @ 115 lbs
30 seconds airdyne
30 seconds kettlebell swings @ 55 lbs
30 seconds burpees
Rest 8:00 minutes

Average- 17-14-11 burpees for each round. I felt good throughout the workout and kept everything consistent, and I am starting to understand better how energy systems can be used, which is great, since I can translate it over to my gyms programming. The only way I can better my gym, is through testing on myself.

Rest 4 Hour:

B. Overhead Squat @ Temp 32×2 x 5 sets x 3 reps

This was tough, and the eccentric phase down was harder than the hold at the bottom, due to trying to stabilize the barbell overhead. However, I could have gone heavier, but stayed at this weight, and felt pretty good.