Monday Workout of the Day

Still keeping on track with hitting longer conditioning workouts, to test my mental ability during workouts, but also this is the first time in a long time during my training, where I am actually enjoying my training, which to me right now is the most important, since the other part of my life is so hectic. I just want to keep going on this route, and keep going to see how I feel. My number one goal as of right now is not to train for the Opens, but to just enjoy my training, do what I feel is best for my mental part of my life, and enjoy life as what it gives me. This workout was more of a mental toughness workout, where the weight was not extremely heavy, but just a gut wrencher to get through the 5000 meters of rowing, and my goal was to go unbroken and not take my hands off the barbell during the clean and jerks, which I succeeded at in the same process.

Monday, January 2nd, 2012 Workout of the Day:
5 Rounds for time of:
Row 1000 m
10 Unbroken Clean and Jerks @ 135 lbs
Time: Sub 27 Minutes

I know lately I have been putting sub for my times, honestly I could care less right now about my times or score, and just want to do the work.