"Monday Workout of the Day, April 11th, 2011"

“Monday Workout of the Day, April 11th, 2011”

Started a baseline strength program based around the Wendler Strength Program. I found it hard as of right now, to be programming for 4 different things, and just wantg to keep things simple, and not try to re invent the wheel for myself. My weaknesses are evident to myself, but my shoulder has some limitations with the gymnastics movements, such as handstand push-ups, in which, I could work on more frequently, if it did not bother the shoulder so much, and also a few other things as well. I chose three movements that I want to concentrate on for the next 8 weeks and put my own spin on things with a little help from Jim Wendler himself. I chose the deadlift because this is the movement that caused me to have a partial tear in my hamstring last year, and ever since then, have been delicate and perhaps to say at the least, a little hesitant of the movement. However, I find the deadlift very effective in building up pure raw strength, but also helping with my pull ups as well. I also chose Push press for the upper body movement because pressing overhead with the shoulder press and push press is one of my weaknesses, and my numbers are not compatiable with my split jerk numbers. I finally, chose front squat as my lower body movement because I love the front squat and want to help with my squat clean numbers as well. I also will be doing on Oly Day as well revolving around either the snatch, snatch variations, or cleans and clean variations.

Workout for Monday, April 11th, 2011:
A. Deadlift-
1st set @ 5 reps @ 250 lbs
2nd set @ 5 reps @ 285 lbs
3rd set @ 11 reps @ 320 lbs
*I could have gotten more on the deadlift for reps, but I stopped myself as my back started to round out. I want to have perfect form on my movements, and do not want to sacrifice technique over intensity.*

B. 7 Rounds of:
Run 200 m
7 Chest 2 Bar Pull-Ups
Time: 8:56
The 200 m was closer to 250 m, and just plugged along, as my legs were smoked from yesterday.

*Shoulde tender as of right now.*