"Movement by Coach Jason Lounge"



by Coach Jason Lounge

Every living thing thrives off of movement. It is natural instinct and an essential part of growth that is vital to our existence. From the smallest organism to the largest mammal on the planet, without movement it will not thrive. Even plants have an innate knowledge to move in order to grow: roots shoot down to anchor into the ground and stalks, branches, and leaves reach toward the sky to soak up energy from the sun.

As humans, are also born with an instinct to survive. When we are born no one has to teach us how to nurture ourselves, breathe, or process nutrients. It is a natural process from within. The same with movement: we are pre-programmed to put ourselves through a series of steps or progressions to learn how to move.

Unfortunately, as we grow older our work and responsibilities grow and change and our time of activity and play start to lessen. If we form a habit of inactivity then we slow down and become less vital. “Move it or lose it” is a phrase that holds a lot of weight and the less we move the harder it is to get moving.

There are a myriad of benefits to moving as often as possible. Moving helps boost energy levels, controls your weight, increases overall health and mood. It gives you stronger bones and muscles and help extend your life. Even a small change can have a huge impact. Small things like getting up from your desk at work every 1-2 hours to move your joints and stretch, a walk around the block a few times a week, yard work, playing with the kids outside, and riding your bike instead of driving if possible. Strength training, yoga, swimming, Frisbee, dancing, going to the beach or maybe learn a martial art are all steps in the right direction. The more you move the more you will want to keep moving and your mind and body will thank you for it.

Just like brushing your teeth it essential and extremely beneficial to move daily. Even if you feel like it is too late, with dedication, patience, and consistency, anything you want can be yours! Let’s all pledge to move a little more often and try to help those who we know need to as well.