"New Template for the Next 8 Weeks"(8.6.2012)

*Vagabond Kids Program on Monday, August 6th @ 10:15 am.*

*Vagabond CrossFit On Ramp Beginners Class Starts Monday, August 20th, 2012. Contact us for more information and to sign up.*

On Ramp is a prerequisite and will prepare you to safely complete a regular class. These classes run 3 times a week for two weeks. The next open on ramp will begin August 20th . There are no more than 6-9 people per session so that we can ensure our athletes get the attention they need and can graduate feeling confident in their ability and knowledge of CrossFit. If you would rather complete the On Ramp individually or if these days and times don’t work for you, then we have a 5 session personal training option as well. These personal training sessions will also prepare you in movements and progressions like the class. If you are not sure which is the best path for you to take in order to reach your fitness goals please call us and make a free appointment for and assessment with one of our certified trainers. Other questions email us at [email protected] or call us at 508 930 8734. Claases fill up quickly, so contact us as soon as possible to reserve your spot today.

Click HERE for Pricing Page and Summer Specials for the Beginner’s Class.

*New Template Next 8 Weeks for Vagabond*

All Three Phases, Fitness Phase Level 1, Fitness Phase Level 2, and Competition Phase will be starting a new template for each of their respected phases. In 8 weeks, the Fitness Phase will go through testing again on certain benchmarks within the gym. The Competition Phase will have a big focus on CP Battery Testing, Olympic Lifting, and the mental capacity behind their workouts. We switch our template every 8 weeks, and this is our Third Phase of Training. I encourage everyone to keep coming into the gym, and keep preparing for the testing at the end of the cycle. We also have some Vagabonds signed up for the Garage Games, and we are about a month away from this Competition. So, lets finish off the summer on a good note, and everyone keep putting in the good work!

Vagabond Team

I. Dynamic and Mobility Prep Warm-Up:
5 Minutes of Movement Prep
2 Rounds of the following:
10 Wall Squats
Run 100 Meters
10 Back Extensions
Hamstring Banded Stretch
II. Lifestyle Phases Strength and Conditioning:
A. Fitness Phase: Level 1 and Level 2
A. Coach takes people through warm up and at least 10 minutes of practice with the Hang Clean… These will be practicing for Full Squat Cleans from the hang position, so take through warm ups and review with everyone in detail.
B. Hang Squat Clean, 5.4.3, all sets at moderate weight to heavy weight depending on ability, rest 2 minutes between sets.
C. Deadlift @ 30X0, 8.6.4, rest 3 minutes between sets.
D. AMRAP 7 Minutes of the following:
5 Front Squats from the rack position, make sure you go heavy, but make sure you can do all reps unbroken. 60% to 70% of your best Front Squat(Get Results from August 1st, 2012)
7 Pull Ups, Banded Pull Ups or Jumping Pull Ups
B. Competition Phase:
A. Snatch, work to a heavy single, this is not a one rep max, work to a doable weight, no more than 5 sets, rest 3 minutes between reps.
B. Snatch Tech Work, the coach will determine what you will need to work on. So if your first pull is the problem in your snatch, then work on light snatch pulls, if the second pull is your problem, then work on muscle snatches.. This is dependent on the athlete and what they need to work on. 10 Minutes of Work.
C1. Front Squat x 5 reps @ heavy, but doable weight, no failures x 3 sets, rest 90 seconds.
C2. 10 Tall Box Jumps @ 36 inches/30inches x 3 sets, rest 90 seconds.
C3. 5-7 Depth Handstand Push Ups x 3 sets, rest 90 seconds.
Rotate between all the letters C, if person cannot do depth handstand push ups, do regular handstand push ups, or abmat handstand push ups.
D1. DB Split Squats @ 20×0, 8-10 reps x 3 sets, rest 2 minutes.
D2. Back Extensions @ 30×0, 12-15 reps x 3 sets, rest 2 minutes.
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