"No Grain Challenge Workout"(10.17.2011)

Vagabond Groupies at the Halloween Party!

*Vagabond Open Gym Hours for Monday, October 17th, 2011: 6:00 am to 10:00 am and 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm*

I. Vagabond CrossFit No Grain Challenge:
The Time is here and the 30 day journey of eating no grains is upon us. We have over 30 people signed up and paid for this challenge, so the next 30 days, should get pretty interesting. Above is the posted Open Gym Hours for Monday, October 17th, 2011. Please, all people who are signed up and paid for, get in at some point during the morning hours or afternoon hours to get your measurements done and test workout completed. We want this to be exact and last the 30 days that this challenge is made for. Anyone who is still interested in signing up, you may do so tommorow by getting measure, paying the 10$ registration fee, and then completing the test workout. This will be a fun challenge for you all, and will also build up community atmposphere in the mean while. The following will be tested for the No Grain Challenge:
1. Bodyweight
2. Hip Measurement
3. Waist Measurement
4. Test Workout
5. Before and After Photo(Optional)
6. Community Atmosphere(Facebook Posts, Recipes on No Grain Challenge Board, and Number of Visits during the 30 days at gym)

*This will be a great 30 days and everyone will do great. Remember this is only a small portion of your life, and sometimes trying new things is just good for you physically and mentally! Keep your head up and just get it done!*


The Presidents made an appearance as well at the Halloween Party!

II. Conditioning Workout:
“No Grain Workout”(Complete the following AMRAPS for as many reps as possible and fastest Sprint as Possible):
AMRAP 4 Minutes of:
Kettlebell Swings
Rest 1:00 Minute
AMRAP 3 Minutes of:
Kettlebell Goblet Squats
Rest 1:00 Minute
AMRAP 2 Minutes of:
Kettlebell Sumo Dead High Pull
Rest 1:00 Minute
AMRAP 1 Minute of:
Rest 3:00 Minutes
Run 400 m As Fast as Possible
*Score is Total Number of Repetitions Minus Seconds on the 400 M Sprint*

*This workout will be the test workout for all No Grain Challenge Participants. However, if you are not participating in the No Grain Challenge Workout, it is strongly encourage you perform this workout, so you can also be tested in 30 days, to see if your numbers improve. Remember baseline workouts that we test, are great to see if you are progressing and reaching your goals. People may also during the Open Gym Hours, perform some form of their own workout or work on strength as well.*

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