"Nutritional Seminar with Michael Malloy"

Nutritional Seminar with Mike Molloy( Saturday, January 15th, 2011 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm)(40$)
Mike has worked in the medical research community for almost a decade on topics ranging from muscle regeneration to immunology and vaccine research. Additionally, he has three years of experience in the Crossfit community both as an athlete and as a coach of individuals and teams.

*Limited Spots Available and Sign up Before Seminar. This is a legit Seminar and a big break through for Vagabond to offer you information from one of the top minds in this field. Please Sign Up on Board and Let Kevin know about your attendance. It will be capped off at a certain number. People who are outside of the Vagabond Community are welcome as well.*
The day long seminar will explore how to manage your food and lifestyle to improve weight loss, increase performance and manage inflammation. You will learn how and why people become fat and how we can tip the balance in favor of weight loss. You will also learn why some foods cause us to become chronically sick and how removing them from your diet can cause profound benefits for a range of chronic diseases. Most importantly, you will learn how to implement these changes to your diet in an easy and effective manner.

Mike Malloy, finished doctorate from Dartmouth College and elite CrossFitter, what better combination to help with your nutrition!