"Olympic Lifting Class @ 6:35 pm.. Get Your Skills In!"(1.31.2012)

Two Coaches and One Intern working as One...

*A. Vagabond Olympic Lifting Class on Tuesday, January 31st @ 6:35 pm. Come work with Coach John Dunlap on your skills and get some great coaching. Click HERE to see Workout of the Day.*

*B. The CrossFit Season is upon us and registration for the CrossFit Games will start on Wednesday, February 1st, 2012. Some of you came to the meeting, and we discussed the parameters behind the registration and the history behind the CrossFit Opens. I want everyone to sign up for the CrossFit Opens, even if you do not think you are ready for it. The more people we get to sign up from our gym, the more we get to represent our gym. Do not look at this competition as individual competition, but as a team competition, and Vagabond working together as ONE UNIT. The cost is cheap, and you will be doing the workouts in the gym anyways, so why not represent Vagabond and give us support. I am asking you all to sign up, and get Vagabond’s name out there across the world. There are rx divisions, scaled divisions, and all the workouts can be completed within Vagabond CrossFit, so you have no pressure! Just do it, and support us! Click HERE to sign up, and follow the directions.

The On Ramp is in session, and we will be running our next On Ramp Session starting on Monday, February 6th. Contacts us for more information.

*C. Vagabond CrossFit will be offering our next On Ramp Session starting on Monday, February 6th. Please contact us for more information, and reserve your spot today.*

I. Dynamic and Mobility Prep Warm-Up:
3-5 minutes of Z1 work
2 rounds of
Back Extensions x 10
Trap 3 raise x 6/side
Broad Jump x 3
II. Lifestyle Phases Strength and Conditioning:
A. Fitness Phase:
Level 1 and Level 2
A. 4 Sets of the following:
30 second burpees
30 second hang power cleans @ moderate, fast paced weight
30 second agility sprints
30 second wall balls
*Rest 6:00 minutes between sets*
*Keep track of all your repetitions during the workout, we need the data.*
B. Competition Phase:
A. 2 Sets of the following: All Performed @ 85%
AMRAP 4 Minutes of:
10 Lunges
5 Toes to Bar
10 Step Down Box Jumps @ 20/16 inches
*Rest 2:00 Minutes*
AMRAP 4 Minutes of:
10 Anchored Sit-Ups
10 DB Push Press @ lightweight
*Rest 2:00 minutes*
AMRAP 4 Minutes of:
10 Wall Balls
10 Kettlebell Swings @ light
*Rest 10:00 Minutes between Rounds*
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