Olympic Weightlifting WOD 12-20-2011

          – Row 200M
          – 10 Russian KB Swings (swing only to shoulder height)
          – 10 PVC Dislocates
          – 10 PVC Good Mornings

Dynamic Stretching

Skills & Drills:
          – Scarecrow Snatch
          – Tall Snatch

          – Program A*:
               I. Snatch Balance: Work to a “heavy” single in 5 reps. If you have never performed this movement, start very light and work up gradually. Otherwise, target 85-110% of your 1RM Snatch.

               II. Snatch: 7 single attempts to work up to a 1Rep. Max.

          – Program B:
               I. Snatch Pull: 3 sets of 3 reps @ 70%

               II. 3-position Snatch: 5 sets of 1 complex @ 65%

* “Competition” Phase athletes who performed Monday’s main WOD will do Program B. Focus on solid technique and keep it light!!