Olympic Weightlifting WOD for Tuesday 1-10-2012

                                 Ever felt like this after hitting a new PR??!

     2-3 Rounds of…
     – 7 Pushups
     – 7 Kipping Swings
     – 14 Walking Lunges

Dynamic Stretch

Skills and Drills:
     – Press/Push-Press/Jerk Progression
     – Introduction to the “Jerk Balance”

     – Jerk Balance: 4 sets of 3 reps @ light weight (target 40-60% of 1RM Jerk)
     – “Jerks on the Minute”: Complete 1 Jerk (taken out of the rack) every minute for 10 minutes. You may increase weight but don’t go for max. Work up to no higher than 90% of 1RM.