Olympic Weightlifting WOD for Tuesday 11/29/11

                                 Kendrick Farris Squat Jerking over 400 lbs!!!!

                          Got Flexibility??!!!


     2 Rounds of
          – 200M Run or Row
          – 10 Russian KB Swings
          – 10 Push Ups

Dynamic Stretch/Mobility

Skills & Drills
     A. Finding Split Jerk foot position
     B. Split Jump Drills
     C. Press/Push-Press/Push Jerk Barbell Progression

     A. Split Jerks: 3-3-3 (80%), 1-1-1 (90%+)

     B. 1 1/4 Front Squats: 3 sets of 3 @ 70-75% of 1RM Front Squat

Post results to comments!
Split Jerk Technique Review….
     I. Starting Foot Position: Feet underneath the Hips during the “drive” or jumping portion of the lift.
     II. Grip: Hands slightly outside the shoulders. Use the barbell knurling marks as a point of reference. Hands should be about 1 “thumb length” or slightly more from the end of the knurling marks.
     III. Rack position: Barbell should rest high on the front of your shoulders. Slightly elevating your shoulders will help keep the bar off your collarbone.
     IV. Elbows: Elbow position can vary somewhat by what the athlete is comfortable with. However; the elbows should definitely be forward of the barbell, higher than they would be for a strict shoulder press.
     V. Dip & Drive: As you dip and drive the barbell up, it is critical that you do not allow the bar to “float” even for a nanosecond. When the barbell reaches it’s highest point, drive yourself under the bar and punch your feet to the floor just as the elbows are locking out.