"Omaha Chipper"(10.2.2011)

Vagabonds Off to the Races....

*Sunday, October 2nd, 2011 Class Schedule: 10:00 am Class Time*

I. Programming for Mobility Training by yourself or at the gym:
I came across a great video by Kelly Starret on how to program mobility into your training, and he gave some great tips on how to do this. I have attached the video below, and take a look, and understand why we do our mobility program before our workouts.
The Six Key Points to a Successful Mobility Program:
1. Context Specific: Do Mobility for the Movement being Performed
2. Everyday- Perform Mobility Everyday
3. 10 to 15 Minutes of Mobility Everyday will be your savior
4. 3 Things: Work on 3 Things
5. 2 Minutes of Dosing
6. If it Feels Sketchy or Different, then Your doing something right!

II. Dynamic Specific:
3 Rounds of the following:
20 second rowing @ 80%
10 Strict Gymnastic Push-Ups
10 Handstands to Wall
III. Dynamic Mobility:
1. 90 Degree Quad Stretch
2. Hamstring Banded Stretch
IV. Conditioning Workout:
“Omaha Chipper”(Inspired by Ricky Frausto Jr. of CrossFit Omaha):
For Time of the following:
500 m Row
20 Push Press @ 95/65
Run 200 m
30 DB Walking Lunge Steps
50 Sit-Ups
50 Air Squats
Run 200 m
20 Push Press @ 95/65
100 Lateral Bar Hops
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