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Our Philosophy

The Mission Statement of Vagabond:

“We are a fitness community dedicated to ongoing  learning, continued improvement, constant support, and the achievement of health and fitness goals.”

Vagabond is a place of strength and conditioning that uses the principles of training variant energy systems through functional and desirable movements that will enhance our life through sport and fitness.Through our three models of value and principles, which are Dedication,Patience, and Consistency, you will reach and go beyond your goals. Through Dedication and being able to solely commit yourself to your physical and mental well-being, you will then become successful and reach those desires you wanted to throughout your life. Through Patience you will gain a respect for other avenues of sport and fitness, as you will see things that you want to accomplish will come through hard work and patience to be successful. Through Consistency in your program, you will become healthier and you will reach those goals you set in front of you through a well-designed approach and assessing what you want to accomplish.

Through a well thought out program and having the ability to assess every person through our eyes at a professional level, we will put you on the right track for sport, fitness, or just being healthy. Our MISSION is not to sell you a gimmick, but to have a plan behind our reasoning, and have a reason for our plan for YOU!