"Paleo Benchmark Re-Test"(3.23.2011)

AJ and Pete have been working hard over the last couple of months and will be leaving in June for the United States Army! Keep working hard and it will pay off in the end!

I. Vagabond CrossFit Help Date for New Location:
On the days of Wednesday, March 29th, Thursday, March 30th, and Friday, March 31st, Vagabond CrossFit will be asking anyone with a truck to help move the equipment out of the location in Brockton and bring over the new gym in Easton. Any of those three days that you can help move stuff would be greatly appreciated. Anyone who has a truck, would also be a big help in aiding in the move to the new location. Just tell Kevin what day and date you can come, and he would be very grateful!
II. Paleo Benchmark Re-Tests:
The 30 Day Paleo Challenge will be coming to an end on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011. We will be retesting the measurements, weight, and Paleo Benchmarks throughout the day. The gym will be an open format like we did a month ago. Just come in during the times alotted and you will complete the same measurements and same workouts throughout that time period. I hope everyone shows up and gets to see if you improved in any aspect of the Paleo Challenge, no matter if it is weight loss or improvement in one of the workouts.
Open Gym Format for Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011:
5:30 am to 10:00 am- Morning Class Times
3:30 pm to 7:00 pm- Afternoon Class Times
*Show up between these hours and get your Benchmarks Complete.*
III. Paleo Benchmark Workouts of the Day:
1. Max Deadlift
2. Max Burpees in 2:00 Minutes
3. Sprint 400 m
4. AMRAP 5 Minutes of: 3 Pull-Ups, 6 Push-Ups, 9 Squats
*Compare to February 21st, 2011.*
IV. New Schedule for Vagabond CrossFit at the Easton Location:
We have posted the new schedule for Vagabond CrossFit’s new location in Easton, Massachusetts. The opening date for regular workouts will begin in the new location on Monday, April 4th, 2011. Please, check the schedule section of the webpage to see the updated schedule for the Easton Location. There are a couple of times change during the week and also during the weekend. We have added a Free Introduction Class on Saturday @ 11:00 am. This is for anyone who is interested in joining Vagabond CrossFit and will give them an oportunity to try our program. The person who interested in trying the Free Introduction Class, must email in advance to set up a confirmation that they wil be attending the Free Introduction Class on Saturday. John Thomas will be leading the way for the Free Introduction Class and they must email him to confirm the appointment. His email will be up shortly on the webpage to contact and get information on the Free Intro Class. We have also added the Vaga MOM Program that is for women only and for women looking for a less intense program, but still will see the benefits of using functional movements in their daily program. The Vaga MOM Program will run on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 6:30 am and 7:30 pm and Sunday’s at 9:00 am. So, get the word out that Vagabond CrossFit will be moving and also having a variety of different programs for any type of person! We are here to make you comfortable and see the results that you are looking for in your physical aspirations!
V. Competitors Schedule Workouts of the Day:
A. Shoulder Press, Compare to February 24th, 2011
1st set @ 5 reps( add 5 lbs)
2nd set @ 3 reps( add 5 lbs)
3rd set @ 1 or more reps( add 2.5 lbs)
B. Overhead Progressions: Snatch Push Press + Overhead Squat
5 sets of 1 rep, Work to a Medium Weight
*1 Rep consists of a Snatch Push Press and Overhead Squat*
*Go as you feel, do not go heavy, if your body is not feeling it. Work on technique and form.*
B. AMRAP 8 Minutes of:
Pick Two Goats and Pick Rep Scheme

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