"Paleo Potluck Gathering"(11.13.2011)

Paleo Get Together!

*Vagabond Paleo Potluck Get Together this Sunday, November 13th @ 3:00 pm. All who planĀ  on attending, please bring a nice Paleo dish, and also family and children are welcome to attend as well. Let’s make this a nice family event, where we can all get together and finish up the No Grain Challenge with a great little party. If you want to attend, but do not have time to make food, this is alright as well, as your presence is always welcome, and just being part of the community is a great thing!*

*Vagabond Class Schedule for Sunday, November 13th: 10:00 am Class Time*

The Girls hitting the rowing machine!

I. Dynamic Specific:
Two to Three Minutes of Zone 1 Work
Dynamic Stretches
Explosive Drill Work
II. Dynamic Mobility:
Hamstring Banded Stretch
III. Conditioning Workouts:
“Sets and Rest”(10 Sets of the following):
5 Deadlift
4 Burpees
3 Push Jerk
2 Front Squats
1 Suicide Sprint
*Rest 45 seconds between sets*
*Weight @ 1/2 Bodyweight and 3/4 Bodyweight*
*Level 1 and Level 2*
Weight @ 1/4 Bodyweight for Females and 1/2 Bodyweight for Males
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