"Paleotrition Affiliate Program"

Paletrition Affiliate Program is Up and Running!

Hey Everyone,
Vagabond CrossFit has partnered up with Paleotrition, a food company, that is outfitted with all different types of Paleo Treats. We have accepted them as our Sponsor for Vagabond CrossFit and you will have an opportunity to buy some great food selections for a discounted price. If you look to the right of the website, you will see the link for PALEOTRITION, click on that and order some goodies. Use the coupon discount code, VAGABOND, and you will receive a discounted price on all of their products!
Here is some information on their products!
Paleotrition (Paleolithic Nutrition) was founded by two friends with the simple goal of helping people live healthier. Based in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, Paleotrition offers its products through this website and a growing number of gyms, athletic facilities, drug stores and natural food stores. Call us anytime at 877-253-8098.
All of our food products follow the basic tenets of the Paleolithic diet:1.All Natural Ingredients
2.No Refined Sugars 3.No Gluten
4.No Soy Protein
5.No Artificial Colors, Flavors, Sweeteners
Additionally, all of our products are:
1.Made in the US (mostly in Montana)
2.Made in tightly managed and regulated manufacturing plants (see below section on Manufacturing for details)
3.Rigorously tested for efficacy, quality and purity – including 3rd party testing
4.Made with only the highest quality ingredients available – for example, the whey protein in some of our products comes from Organic, hormone-free, grass-fed cows – this costs more, but provides superior quality
5.Market-tested through a very large number of health care professionals – including MDs and DOsQuality Standards
Paleotrition’s comprehensive evaluation criteria are designed to corroborate all aspects affecting quality and efficacy, specifically:
•CompositionFrom raw material selection through manufacturing, to shipping of the finished product, Paleotrition adheres to the strictest of quality control standards. Every step of the process is thoroughly controlled and guaranteed to ensure that our customers receive consistently potent and effective nutritional supplements every time they order.