"Partner Workout"(5.3.2011)

Some Pictures from the Grand Opening! Great Time and Great Event!

I. Vagabond Competing in AAU National Powerlifting Competition:
One of our own Vagabonds will be competing in the AAU National Powerlifting Competition on Saturday, May 7th, 2011. KellyAnne will be competing in Rockland, Massachusetts at the Holiday Inn for the AAU National Powerlifting Competition. She has been doing added exercises to try to prepare for this competiton over the last few months and I can say I am very proud of her accomplishments over these last few months. The competition will be held in Rockland and will begin at 9:00 am. If anyone is interested in watching Kelly compete, I strongly suggest you come and watch and support her in her competition this weekend. I will be heading over there to coach her and give her some support. If anyone is interested in joining me, please contact me or come talk to me!
Here is a testimonial by Kelly, who maxed her PFT Score for the United States Army after a year with Vagabond CrossFit:
Amazement cannot begin to describe how I am feeling after maxing my Army Physical Fitness test for the first time. Two years ago at this time, I was around the 230 range, which is passing, but not to the best of my ability and I could never see myself improving that score. My friend introduced me to CrossFit and suddenly, I was hooked. He told me that if I was serious about continuing CrossFit that I should find a gym to call home. I stumbled upon Vagabond CrossFit on the Internet and contacted Ross to find out more information. I went the first day and met Kevin, and some of the rest of the community and felt an instant connection. Now, a little over one year later, I have been coming so close to maxing the APFT with the score of 300. Last month, I received a 292; I maxed the push ups and sit ups, but could not seem to max the run. Today, I did a total of 50 push ups and 90 sit ups in two minutes and maxed my 2-mile run with a time of 15:14. I received a total score of 318 due to extended scale scores. I honestly could not have done it without the support of the Vagabond community. People think that to improve on the APFT you MUST do push ups, sit ups, and run, and I have proved that this is NOT the case. Thank you to all of Vagabond for being there to support me everyday and for all of the amazing coaching that goes on behind the closed doors.
II. Dynamic Warm-Up:
“Vagabond Warm-Up”
Straight Leg March
Spiderman Lunge
High Knee to Lunge
III. Mobility Mobilization:
1. Hamstring Band Stretch
2. 90 Degree Quad Stretch
3. 3 Way Shoulder Band Stretch
IV. Conditioning Partner Workout of the Day:
A. With a partner, complete to following for max reps, every 30 seconds for 10 rounds of:
Kettlebell Swings @ 55/35
Anchored Sit-Ups
Person A does KBS for 30 seconds followed by 30 seconds of Anchored Sit-ups by partner B. Partner A then does Anchored Sit-Ups for 30 seconds, again, followed by partner B doing KBS for 30 seconds. Repeat this sequence for a total of 10 rounds.
Although this workout is completed in a team format, it is very much so an individual workout. Do what YOU can to achieve the most amount of reps possible within your current abilities.
Post team’s total reps and each individual’s reps to comments.