Photos from Olympic Lifting 12/6

This picture shows a perfect example of keeping the weight back in the heels and the barbell close to your body during the first pull from the ground. Jamie is doing an excellent job of not letting the barbell get out away from him where it would tend to shift his center of balance out over his toes.

Here you can see that Jamie is doing a really good job of hitting that triple extension before pulling himself under the bar. By starting the pull from the “pockets” instead of from the knees he will generate much more power through the drive of the hips and will end up in a much better position when receiving the barbell. Great job Jamie!

Olympic Lifting class feedback…

Hey guys,

So we’ve been running this class for about 3 months now. I’ve seen some of you make HUGE progress on your Oly lifts and it’s great to see! I would like to ask for some feedback on how you think the program is going, what should remain the same, what could be improved, etc.

Please post any feedback to comments.