"Posterior Chain Day"(3.23.2011)

*Wednesday Workout of the Day, March 23rd, 2011*
A. Low Bar Back Squat @ 80%, 3 sets of 3( Sets Across) @ 255 lbs
B. Bent Over Good Mornings @ 45%, 3 sets of 5 @ 135 lbs
C. Muscle-Up on the Minute for 10 Minutes x 2 reps
*Last 45 Seconds, AMRAP Muscle-Ups( 6 Reps)

I am on my Squat Rotation and did Low Bar Back Squat. The weight felt fine and have not done low bar back squat in some time. I am much more comfortable with High Bar Back Squat, but the Low Bar felt fine for the day. I am doing sets across for most of my lifts to garner more volume throughout the strength movement. I also performed Good Mornings to assist with the Low Bar Back Squat, as it is a great exercise to build the spinal erectors, flexibility in the hamstrings and glutes, and also a great recovery tool as well, when done at lightweight.

The last movement I did was on the minute Muscle-Ups for 10 Minutes for 2 reps at a time. I knew this was going to be somewhat easy, but I really wanted to focus on the turnout of the muscle up and ensure I am getting full range of motion through the whole movement. The last 45 seconds, I performed an AMRAP of Muscle-Up and got 6 reps, which I was pretty happy about, considered I did 20 muscle-ups before that as well. All the muscle ups were turned out and full range of motion, so overall a good basic gymnastics day as well.