"Power Row"(6.1.2011)

Brucey will tell you he feels as good as he did when he was 30 years old! Keep getting at it Old Man!
I. Vagabond Testimonial from the Members:
I was doing crossfit on my own for about 2 years, I felt I had a good base and could get solid workouts in, until I got to the point where I needed more.
This all changed when I joined Vagabond. In my short 6 weeks, I can already see and feel the changes in my body. The motivation and support you get from fellow vagabonds is awesome and helps you push through. I realized how much more there was to crossfit and Kevin’s knowledge and expertise is what I needed. His training regime is very effective and challenging. Kevin’s passion in his clients and their success is contagious and is changing people for the better.
Craig Pasquantonio
I. Dynamic Movement Pre-Warm-Up:( 5 to 7 Minutes before class):
3 Rounds of:
Run 200 m
PVC Dislocates x 15 reps
Hollow Rocks x 10 reps
Air Squats x 15 reps
II. Class Warm-Up:
“Vagabond Warm-Up”
Review the Dumbbell Power Snatch
III. Mobilization Piece:
1. 3 Way Shoulder Stretch- This is meant to open up the shoulders for the snatch and is Kelly Starret’s favorite stretch for anything going overhead
2. High Hamstring Stretch Banded- Prep for rowing
IV. Conditioning Workout of the Day:
“Power Row”(For Time of the following movements):
Row 1000 m
50 DB Power Snatches @ 40 lbs/25 lbs
Row 750 m
35 DB Power Snatches @ 40 lbs/25 lbs
Row 500 m
20 DB Power Snatches @ 40 lbs/25 lbs
*Level 1*
Power Snatches @ 30/15
*Level 2*
Power Snatches @ 35/20
*Level 3*
Power Snatches @ 40/25
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