"Powerful Cindy"(5.16.2011)

Michelle’s Prowler Push Workout! Go Get Em Girl!

I. Beat the Streets Fundraiser:

I just want to congratulate and thank everyone who came down and supported our close friend, Steve Liberati, in his push to build upon his National Program for At Risk Youths across the country. The weekend was filled with fun events and everyone did a great job. I also want to say thank you to everyone who contributed to the fundraising aspect of the event and I am happy to say we reached our goal of $1000 to help sponsor a Steve’s Club member for the year. Thank you for all your support and generous donations!

II. Dynamic Warm-Up:
“Vagabond Warm-Up”
Butt Kicks
High Knees
High Knee to Lunge
High Knee to Spiderman Lunge
Straight Leg March
*Coach B Progressions*
Snatch Variation:
Up and Down
Elbows High and Outside
Muscle Snatch
2 Inches
4 Inches
6 Inches
III. Mobilization Piece:
1. 90 Degree Quad Stretch
2. Partner Shoulder Stretch
3. 3 Way Shoulder Stretch
IV. Strength and Conditioning Workouts of the Day:
A. “Powerful Cindy”(Due the following for time):
4 Rounds of Cindy/ 8 Power Snatch
3 Rounds of Cindy/ 6 Power Snatch
2 Rounds of Cindy/ 4 Power Snatch
1 Round of Cindy/ 2 Power Snatch
*1 Round of Cindy is 5 Pull-Ups, 10 Push-Ups, 15 Air Squats*
*Power Snatches will be performed at the following weight:*
Level 1: 75/45 and Body Rows and Banded Push-Ups
Level 2: 95/65 and Banded Pull-Ups and Regular Push-Ups
Level 3: 135/95 and Chin Over Bar Pull-Ups and Regular Push-Ups
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