"Prepared Meals Orders + Race Sponsorship by Vagabond this Weekend"(4.22.2014)

*Prepared Meals Offered at Vagabond*

For anyone interested in placing lunch and/or dinner orders through the new catering vendor at VBC, Cypress, please get your order to Kevin by Thursday of this week for delivery the following week (more details to come soon on exact date/time meals are available). Lunch and dinner options are available: $85 for 5 dinner meals / $55 for 5 lunch meals. See Kevin for menu and please let Kevin know if you’re interested- payments will be made to Vagabond and Kevin will place all orders together.

*Vagabond Sponsors Race by Honoring in Memory of Matthew Cox*

It has been decided that Team Vagabond will run the 2014 School on Wheels 5K race in the loving memory of Matthew Cox. Our 40 members who have signed up so far to make up the team, including Matthew’s aunt Kara Connolly Dupill, will run in Matthew’s memory and honor on April 26th at Borderland State Park.


I. Dynamic and Mobility Prep Warm-Up
Lifestyle + Fitness Phase Prep
3 minutes of z1 work
3-5 minutes of mobility work
*ankles, hips, t-spine
3-5 minutes of workout prep
good mornings x 5 rep
row x 100 meters
push ups x 3 reps
air squats x 5 rep
II. Phases Strength and Conditioning:
A. Lifestyle Phase
Maximum Aerobic Power Sessions
12 Minutes of the following:
Run 200 meters
10 Front Squats @ 75/45, 65/35
5 Plank-Walk-Outs
Rest 6 Minutes
12 Minutes of the following:
250 Meter Row
10 Step Down Box Jumps
5 Barbell Push Press @ 75/45, 65/33
B. Fitness Phase
CrossFit Tester: For the Record Books
4 Sets of the following:
5 Minutes of the following:
Row 400 Meters(Men)/Row 350 Meters(Women)
15 Burpees
Rest Remaining Time on Clock, and then Go Again
C. Scaled Up Phase Workout:
AMRAP 16 Minutes of the following:
Run 800 Meters
30 Shoulder to Overhead @ 105/70 lbs
30 Lateral Burpees
30 Power Cleans @ 105/70 lbs
30 Wall Balls @ 20/14 lbs
30 Box Jump Overs @ 24/20 inches
D. Competition Phase
AM Session:
Zone 1 + Mobility + Zone 1 Work
10 Sets of the following:
30 Seconds of Row @ 90%
30 Seconds of Row @ 50%
Mobility x 10 Minutes
10 Sets of the following:
30 Seconds of Double Unders
30 Seconds of Step Down Box Jumps
Mobility x 10 Minutes
10 Sets of the following:
30 Seconds of Airdyne @ 90%
30 Seconds of Airdyne @ 50%
PM Session:
Jerk Intense + Deadlift/Press(Volume-Gymn) + DB Press/Posterior Chain
A. Push Jerks touch n go repetitions clusters, 2.2 x 4 sets, rest 2-3 minutes between sets.
This means you do two reps touch n go reps, then drop on blocks, then do 2 more
B1. Standing DB Press @ 30×1, 4-6 reps x 4 sets, rest 1:30 between sets.
B2. GHD Raises @ 30×1, 8-12 reps x 4 sets, rest 1:30 between sets.
C. On the Minute, Every Minute x 10 Minutes of the following:
8 Deadlifts touch n go repetitions @ 70%: Odd Minutes
2 Rope Climbs: Even Minutes
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