"Program Outlined"(3.6.2011)

Program Outlined in a Few Short Words”

The following three to six months will be an interesting time for myself, as I have in the past, have had a tough time following and sticking to a strength program or any type of program. I lack discipline in the sense of seeing results and lose my patience very quickly if the results are not evident right away. I made this program to fit my needs of what is going on in my life and how I can fit it into my schedule. I am currently opening a new location in Easton, Massachusetts for my CrossFit Affiliate, so time is of the essence. We only have three weeks to get everything ready and prepared, so my stress and cortisol levels are going through the roof right now.

I wanted to make a program that was simple, effective and to the point. I wanted to concentrate on strength, but in a round about away, choose movements that will satisfy my CrossFit taste of diversity, but also be valid in seeing results. I have taken many principles of programming from Mark Rippetoe, Coach Rut, Coach B, Louie Simmons, Greg Everett, and Jim Wendler. All these men are big influences in my life and have some great programming ideals. I basically took their styles of programming and put it into mine. The one thing that all these men have in common, is the concept of not burning out the Central Nervous System, which is the motor boat for our successful lifting. In theory, after 5 to 6 weeks, our Central Nervous System will fatigue from One Lift performed at max intensity and will garner no results. So, what is the point of working to max effort every single day, every single lift, if this has been proven by numerious strength and conditioning coaches.

I will take a rotation of either a push, pull, or squat movement and do two weeks of work, then switch the movements. I will have max effort days on Monday and Tuesday and will either go for a max effort or attempt each lift at 90% or higher. On Thursday and Friday, will be my dynamic and speed lifting days, where I will work with a lightweight and concentrate on speed, explosiveness and trying to raise concentric strength.

On Saturdays, will be either my metabolic conditioning workout of the day, or interval training based workout. I will probably lean towards interval training on the track and field, to keep up with my running and sprinting.

So, this is a brief synopsis of the overview of my next 3 to 6 months
Workouts will begin to be posted this Monday, March 7th, 2011.