"Pull Around the Rosey"(11.22.2011)

Melissa calming herself down before hitting double unders again! Melissa has made it a purpose of picking up her training and getting ready for the Opens in February!

*Vagabond CrossFit Olympic Lifting Class on Tuesday, November 22nd @ 6:35 pm. Check out the Vagabond Olympic Lifting Blog by clicking HERE to see the workout programmed.*

I. The CrossFit Opens are Right Around the Corner:
Hey Vagabonds,
The Annual World CrossFit Opens are a little bit more than 3 months away, and I think some of us have to start considering fact of competing online during this world competition. For those who are new to CrossFit, the World CrossFit Headquarters puts on a world competition online for 6 weeks, where anyone, anywhere, and anything can compete online against thousands of people across the world. The Online Competition is an event to find the fittest in each region of the world, where they will send the top 60 women and men from each part of the region in the world. You do not have to be an elite CrossFitter to compete in this competition, and the best thing is, we do not even have to leave Vagabond CrossFit to perform the workouts. All we have to do is set a time during the week, when the workout is posted, and we will have our own very small little event each week for 6 weeks. It is a great community builder, and I would love to see as many Vagabond sign up for the competition this year. Once again, I will repeat, you do not have to be an elite crossfitter to compete in this competition online, and at the end of the day, it is just for fun, to see where you stack up against some of the other crossfitters in the world! I am already preparing people for the online competition by implementing these lifestyle phases into our programming. Not only will this be a fun 6 weeks, but it will also give you something to train for, and work alongside your fellow Vagabonds for the next 3 months! Give it a go and represent your gym, Vagabond CrossFit!

Matt taking a second to ponder his thoughts!

II. Dynamic Specific:
2-3 minutes of z1 work
(squat work, lunge complex, inch worms, ring rows)
2 rounds of
wall squat therapy x 5 (4131)
good mornings x 8
back extensions x 8
III. Strength and Conditioning:
10 Rounds for time of:
7 Burpees
10 Ring Rows
10 Rounds for time of:
10 Burpees
7 Chin over Bar Pull-Ups
A.Back Squat or Front Squat, 5-5-5
B.AMRAP 4 Minutes of:
7 Kettlebell Swings @ 55/35
7 Toes to Bar
*Rest 3:00 Minutes*
AMRAP 4 Minutes of:
Run 100 m
Push-Ups x 10 repetitions
*Rest 3:00 Minutes*
AMRAP 4 Minutes of:
10 Step Ups @ 20/16 with 45 lbs/25 barbell
7 Pull-Ups
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