"Push Jerks and Task Oriented Cindy"(8.9.2011)

Janet playing Peek-A Boo with the barbell during her Front Squat!

 *No 5:30 pm Gymnastics Class this Tuesday, but will return next week as scheduled.*

I. Strength and Conditioning Workouts of the Day:
A. Push Jerks @ 80%, 5 sets of 1, rest 90 seconds between sets
*Get Numbers from August 2nd, 2011*
B. “Task Oriented Cindy”(People with 20 or more rounds on Cindy, are only to do this workout RX)
4 Sets of:
5 Rounds of Cindy
*Rest 2:00 Minutes between sets*
*Level 1*
3 Sets of:
4 Rounds of Cindy
*Rest 2:00 Minutes between sets*
*Level 2*
3 Sets of:
5 Rounds of Cindy
*Rest 2:00 Minutes between sets*
Note of Cindy:
1 Round of Cindy consists of the following:
5 Pull-Ups
10 Push-Ups
15 Squats

8th Installment of what your Coach is eating throughout the day!

II. What is your Coach eating these Days?:
Here is the 8th installment of what your coach is eating throughout the day. This was my dinner last night, up at my friend’s apartment in Somerville. We decided to go a little different with the protein intake, and decided to cook Grass Fed Ground Lamb. We then added some light, but highly nutrient based spinach into the mix, and then topped it off with some healthy fat with cut up avocado. At the end of the meal, I was quite satisfied, and the ground lamb was delicious. The key to being successful on this lfiestyle diet is to switch things up and try new things. Stay away from eating the same every day, and try new brands of food in your diet. A variant diet, is a healthy diet, which leads to a successful way of eating!

Vagabond CrossFit Events Updated and Ready to Go! Circle These Dates on Your Calendar!

III. Vagabond Events Page Updated and Ready to Go:
The Events Page for Vagabond CrossFit has been updated with a few new Events that will be happening in the coming months. Please visit the Events Page on a daily basis to see what is going within Vagabond CrossFit and to remind yourself of these important dates. The three events listed as of now are on the Events Page and Ready to Go. The following events are on tap for the next couple of months:
1. Vagabond CrossFit Fight Gone Bad Fundraiser for Fallen Military
2. CrossFit Providence Olympic Lifting Certification
3. Vagabond CrossFit Gymnastics Certfication
*Please Click Here to see Events Page.*
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