Mike Performing Ring Push-Ups…

I. Vagabond CrossFit Schedule Update:
The Vagabond Programming will be working on a 5 day work schedule this week. Please try to come in for the remainder of the week as the gym will be closed on Saturday, August 21st, 2010. Please make proper arrangements to get your training in during the remainder of the week to ensure you stay on schedule with the following program. We will be finishing up our last strength cycle and will be moving onto another phase of training starting in September.

II. Dynamic Mobility Warm-Up and Skill Transfer Exercises:
Inch Worm to Push-Up
Hip Explosive Drills(Jumping Drills)
Lunge and Twist
Junkyard Dawg Drills(Jumping Drills)
Samson Stretch
Vertical Drills(Jumping Drills)
Spiderman Lunge

III. Strength and Skill Work(Snatch Variant)
A1. Snatch Pulls @ 90% x 3 x3, rest 30 seconds
A2. Back Extensions, 3 x10, rest 45 seconds
A3. Sit-Ups, x 3 x 20, rest 1:00 minute
*Rotate between the three exercises*

IV. “Hero Workout of the Day”(“Randy”):
75 Power Snatches For Time(Compare to November 19th, 2010) @ 75 lbs

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