"Rest Day"(1.9.2011)

Vagabond Working those Overhead Lunges! Good Coordination, Agility, and Balance! Just Three of the Ten Aspects of Fitness being Used!

I. Mandatory Rest Day for all Vagabonds:
The Gym will be closed on Sunday to give all Vagabonds a rest day and to prepare for the coming week of workouts. Next week will be filled with Benchmark Workouts, so we can re-test in 60 days from the date you perform the Benchmark Workouts. Make sure you have a good week of training next week, and you are in for the training days. CrossFit is a emprically driven data based fitness program that works off of your results from workouts and re testing those workouts later on in the future. This is the only way we can see if our programming is working, so get your times and numbers in during the week.