"Saturday Workout of the Day, May 7th, 2011"

*Saturday Workout of the Day, May 7th, 2011*

This workout was based around a strength built into the metabolic conditioning workout, and also concentrating on Olympic Lifting Skills with the Depth Box Jumps.

*The Depth Box Jumps are the following:*
You set up three 24 inches boxes in a row, then at the end of the line is a 30 inch box. One repetition is jumping completely over the three 24 inch boxes, then jumping on top of the 30 inch box, and then jumping off the 30 inch box in a quarter squat position to practice the landing position of Olympic Lifts. This cycle got extremely taxing throughout the met-con, but it was good to do something different. The workout was long, but good to practice alot of faults and weaknesses.

*The first workout I went unbroken on all the Power Snatches and the Muscle Ups, which I was happy about, but the elevated Handstand Push-Ups were tough for me, and is a glaring weakness in my CrossFit arsenal. It is tough to have one extreme weakness and tough to live by, because it is tough to live by, because it will be my kryptonite at Regionals, but the only thing I can do, is practice, practice and suck it up.*

*However, the workout was taxing, and I did a bunch of heavy power snatches, and muscle up before, and also Heavy Power Cleans and Jerks beforehands as well. I like the idea of doing some high volume movements before my handstand push ups to possible prepare me better for similar workouts and could help me in the future, if the workouts with handstand push ups are not so demanding like the ones I have been doing, but time will only tell!

Saturday Workout of the Day, May 7th, 2011:
5-4-3-2-1 of:
Power Snatches @ 135 lbs
Depth Box Jumps
5-4-3-2-1 of:
Cleand and Jerks @ 205 lbs
Elevated Handstand Push-Ups
Depth Box Jumps

Time Component: Around 20:00 Minutes
*Time was not a major factor, but concentrated on strength portion and depth box jumps.*