"Saturday Workout of the Day"

Today was a busy day at Vagabond as we had some people in the Master’s Competition at CrossFit New England in Natick. They all did great, and my other focus was my individual client and coach for Vagabond, John Dunlap, is a hopeful for the Games this year in California. I have been working with him over the last four months, and we have seen some good gains over this period of time, especially in his strength and olympic lifting numbers. He is a very focus athlete, but at times, can let his mental game get the best of him during his workouts or even competitions. I was pretty stressed throughout the day as a coach, but I realized as I was there helping to coach, and being there mentally for every lift and pull up, this is what I loved to do, I LOVED TO COACH!

It is a great feeling to realize what you love to do, and really have a great passion for your work. I want to do this for a long time, and I just want to keep improving on my game by asking questions, reading, researching, and testing throughout my life time.

After coming back from the competition and being there for 12 hours, I was pretty wiped, but I needed to work out. Overall it went pretty well, but did cut down reps of muscle ups to 3, as I was pretty jacked up from day before in the upper body region. I pretty much hit all the muscle ups, but at the end I hit a wall and missed on last muscle up and had to finish ring dips below at 3 reps. Overall not to bad, but I believe I just need to work on transition of muscle up, I am still just above average at these, and just have to take some side time, and work on them, which in the long term is hard for me to do.

Saturday, October 20th, 2012 Workout:
A. 5 Sets @ 90% of:
3 muscle ups + 5 ring dips
15 box jumps @ 30 inches, jump up and jump down
rest 1:00 minute
Average Round: 55 to 58 seconds.
Rest 12 minutes
B. 5 Sets @ 90% of:
15 pull ups
10 thrusters
15 cals airdyne
rest 12 minutes
C. 5 sets @ 90% of:
10 deadlifts @ 245 lbs
10 lateral burpees
run 100 meters
rest 1:00 minute

rest 1:00 minutes