"Saturday Workout of the Day"(3.12.2011)

*Lower Body and Explosive Drills*

Today was a good day of training with a couple new movements to enhance my explosive drive in some of my lifts. I added in weighted box jumps, to which Westside Barbell uses a fair amount in ther programming for their powerlifters. Jumping and Explostive Leg Strength is vital to getting stronger and raising those numbers up in your particuliar lifts. There are such stores of guys from Westside Barbell whop weigh over 275 lb and can jump with two 75 lbs dumbbells onto a 30 inch box. This shows tremendous power in the legs and is an indicator that something is going right in their training. Westside Barbell owner, Louie Simmons, is a mastermind of programming and has had great success over the last 30 years from training the worlds best powerlifters to being strength consultants for various NFL teams over the last decade. I implemented this weekend an explosive set of box jumps with weighted dumbbells onto a 30 inch box, while sitting on a 14 inch box. I started off light for this week because wanted to get a feel for the movement. I also did Dynamic Front Squats at a percentage onto a 14 inch box, concentrating on speed and explosiveness out of the bottom. Remember, my max effort days are on Tuesday and Wednesday, which I am working my central nervous system to almost failure. My Friday and Saturday schedule consists of those movements performed at lighter weight with some type of resistance and with the concentration of speed and explosion at either the top or bottom of the lift. I also have been doing a number of assistance exercises to assist with the major movements, which I feel are great benefactors. These are very concentrated movements and focus on a particuliar muscle region to build up strength in this particuliar area. Overall a good week, and will be topping off the weekend with a sprint interval workout on Sunday afternoon!

*Saturday Workout of the Day Marhc 12th, 2011*
A1. Box Front Squats @ 60% @ 165 lbs, 10 sets of 3(14 inch box)
A2. Weighted Box Jumps, 10 sets of 5
A3. GHD Sit-Ups, 5 sets of 10
A4. Back Extensions, 5 sets of 10, 2×12