Schedule and Workout for Sunday April 22nd

Sunday’s Class will begin at approx. 11AM right after the 10AM CrossFit class

***** Announcement: Time to lose the cushy shoes!! *****

     – Wearing highly cushioned running shoes or crosstrainers may be fine for running but they are highly inefficient and sometimes unsafe for doing any kind of weight training where you are transferring high amounts of force from the ground through your body. This is especially true for kettlebells. Below are some of the Rx footwear choices for kettlebell training….
          – Barefoot !!! The best way to train natural movement is to go au naturel! Just be careful not to drop a KB on your foot! As the saying goes, quick feet are happy feet.
          – Vibram Fivefingers: They may look goofy but they are perfect for kettlebells
          – Converse All Stars (aka Chuck Taylors)
          – New Balance Minimus
          – Adidas Sambas
          – There are many others but you get the point. Many of you wear Inov-8’s and those are what I would consider borderline acceptable as a footwear choice

I. Warm-Up and Dynamic Stretching

II. Skill & Drills
     – Review of the RKC “Hardstyle” Kettlebell Swing (2 handed & 1 handed)
     – Review of the Clean & Press

     – Intro to the Kettlebell Front Squat

III. WOD: “Jacob’s Ladder”
     – 2 Rounds (not for time) of 1-5 Ladder:
           – Right Hand Swing/Right Hand Clean & Press/R. Hand Front Squat/Repeat on Left side.
                – (for the first rung on the ladder, you will cycle through the above movements. For the second, you will cycle through twice and so on…)
     – * Rest 30-60 seconds between each rung on the ladder