"Schedule for Next Two Days"(7.3.2011)

Dave, Marcia, and Melissa braving the workout we call "Death by 10 M" on a Saturday Morning!

I. Schedule for the Weekend and Holiday:
Sunday: Gym Closed
Monday: 10:00 am Class Only
Tuesday: Back to Regular Scheduled Classes
II. The Four Phases of Training: Phase 1:
“Why am I not making progress, am I not doing enough?”
“should I be doing high volume or low volume?”
“High intensity or low intensity?”
“What am I missing?”
We tend to have one gear in our training, vision of athletics, and fitness, we lean towards going all out every training session regardless of the time of year or priority. What if this was actually detrimental to our progress? What if backing off from time to time, could help us in our quest of extreme fitness, athletics or health and wellness.
As many of you have experienced when training in an all out fashion for a little too long we tend to get sick, run down, or worse, injured….re-read this line carefully because it has taken me over ten years to allow for this to sink in. So if this is the case why do we continually do so? How come we do not learn from these mistakes?
There are many factors at play as to why we continually repeat these training cycles, but this is a whole other topic of conversation. What I want to do is provide a non-scientific view on some training phases in no particular order and why they can be important to your overall plan and progress….
Phase 1: Play
Remember playing basketball in front of your parents house, playing tag in the playground after school, remember playing, period. There is something therapeutic about interacting with others, laughing, enjoying, and just fooling around… No real plan, just fun. As adults we lose the ability to play, some may compete in recreation sports, but gone are the days of calling up your buddy to meet you to throw the football after work…just cus’.
Vacation is a great time to just leave the strict guidelines of the weight room to the way side, try a new activity, play on the beach, let your body recover and restore, enjoy new, local foods, refuse the urge to count macro’s, or if you at enough protein at your AM meal, just enjoy, the psychological break alone will be well worth it. The rule for this one is: “There are no rules”