"Shot Caller"(8.1.2011)

Janet and Nicole at Life As Rx Tour in Hartford, Ct!

I. Some Good Books and Articles to Consider Reading over the Next Few Months:
A. Good Calories, Bad Calories – Taubes – wow, lots in there, love the critical thinking around what is there in research and what lies beneath the work, and how we got to this shitty point on carbs and fats and the rest of the @#$%’ed up ideas around food guides, the lipid hypothesis,etc… – overall a long read, but real good insight; remember where this comes from and why
B. Catching Fire – wrangham – he thinks cooking is the shit, bottom line, to the point he believes it helped in our evolution, interesting..
C. BodyOpus – Duchaine – loved this guy in the old Muscle Media 2000 days prior to T-Mag and Testosterone and T-Nation; he was the Robb Wolf of the day (except I’m not aware of Robb being placed in jail at anytime in comparison? 🙂 for his work on nutrient timing, protocols for users and nutrient loading/unloading, cycling work for nutrients..etc…good shit
D. Food, Nutrition and Sports Performance – burke and coyle – good insight into what the Olympic groups want to see and research on athletes and food studies; good stuff on some specializing work; great basics on norms for endurance work folks; good info
E. Coping with Food Intolerances – Thom – Doc (who works with us now) gives some good insight into this inflamatory pathway, the why around it, and what we can do with it; also good read onto how it came to be that way, why..etc…
F. The China Study – Campbell – how can you make comments or sugestions against your beliefs if you do not know what they are saying or where they are coming from; good educational piece on how to change beliefs from some research – nice colors on the book also 🙂
G. The Schwarzbein principle – the program – Schwarzbein – great read on endocrine thoughts and ideas around life and nutrition tie in, good food examples and prescriptions based on what she sees and believes in; love the areas on hormones and physiology, love it
H. Nourishing Traditions – Fallon – I LOVE animal fats, bottom line, this is where i resonate here, but i like the old fashioned approach here with the hit on grains, wrong fats, etc…good stuff, as well some good recipes
 I. The Maker’s Diet – Rubin – I had the chance to see this guy come out of his shell and come back from the dead out of Chrons into making his products, books and have followed his ideas which are good ever since; I like his perspective on phasing foods, seasonal approaches as in healing with whole foods and hygiene thoughts and cleansing
 J. The Swiss Secret to Optimal Health – Rau – this guy’s program have helped a LOT of people in Europe; my Doc has seen this work first hand for peeps cleaning out their guts, getting the hormones ready for action – and i’ve seen it come back in tests after 1 month, better than anything else; there is the right time and place for it for the right person; his thoughts on food choices are coming from his “own” feelings and background but he has a system that takes care of some things so i like it at the right time
 K. Paleo Solution – Robb Wolf – everyone who comes through here gets it; great writing, very witty and keeps you into it – which is the way it is needed to sell the fact to people that grains are the devil and meat and veggies are king – done very well; backed by huge social proof – used by many with success and truly is the basic principles we should all apply day to day – BAM!

Dr. Molloy is back in town and with some brand new spanking information to get you on top of your game for Nutrition!

II. Dr. Mike Molloy Lifestyle and Nutrition Lecture this Saturday, August 6th, 2011 @ 9:30 am:
This is a must attend event for all Vagabonds, and please take advantage of learning some great information with a very intelligent person in this field. If you are wondering how to dial in on your nutrition, and get some good tips, then this is the lecture to attend. At only 50 dollars for the whole day, all Vagabond are getting a great deal and should take advantage!
The day long seminar (9:30-3:00) will explore how to manage your food and lifestyle to improve weight loss, increase performance and manage inflammation. You will learn how and why people become fat and how we can tip the balance in favor of weight loss. You will also learn why some foods cause us to become chronically sick and how removing them from your diet can cause profound benefits for a range of chronic diseases. Most importantly, you will learn how to implement these changes to your diet in an easy and effective manner.
Topics will include:
macronutrient ratios
the importance of sleep
connection between health and mood
*Mike has worked in the medical research community for almost a decade on topics ranging from muscle regeneration to immunology and vaccine research. Additionally, he has three years of experience in the Crossfit community both as an athlete and as a coach of individuals and teams.*
Reserve your spot with Kevin ASAP. Cost is 50 dollars for the whole day.
III. Conditioning Workouts of the Day:
“Shot Caller”( Four 4 Minute AMRAPS):
4 Minute AMRAP of:
10 Dumbbell Swings @ 55 lbs/35 lbs
10 Unanchored Sit-Ups
*Rest 3:00 Minutes*
4 Minute AMRAP of:
10 DB Push Press @ 35 lbs/25 lbs
10 Burpees
*Rest 3:00 Minutes*
4 Minute AMRAP of:
10 DB Hang Power Cleans @ 35 lbs/25 lbs
10 Unanchored Sit-Ups
*Rest 3:00 Minutes*
4 Minute AMRAP of:
10 DB Snatches( 5 each arm) @ 35 lbs/25 lbs
10 Burpees
Post Total Rounds to Comments.