"Skill Sets and Row Challenge"(8.3.2010)

Split Jerk Positioning

Program in Vagabond CrossFit:
A new program is on the horizon for Vagabond CrossFit starting in the fall. I am working out the kinks and putting my mind to work, as I come up with a new program for all the Vagabonds in Vagabond CrossFit. Over the last 6 months, we have been concentrating on strength heavily within Vagabond CrossFit. Our work load has been quite heavy with 3 days of maximal strength built into our metabolic conditioning program. Also, three days a week we have been doing skill work within gymnastics, olympic lifting, and powerlifting. We have seen great results over the last 6 months and people are still pr’ing in their lifts. I am happy with the results, but feel it is time to move onto other things. Starting in the fall time, we will lessen the work load, but up the intensity in our metabolic conditioning workouts. Also, we will be having alternate days of strength training and metabolic conditioning training. So for one day we will concentrate strictly on strength training working around 85% of our major lifts. The other days we will hit a metabolic conditioning workout that will be in the realm of 15 to 20 minutes. We our lightening the load per se in the strength training, but the metabolic conditioning workouts will be increased and more intense. Our strength training days will consist of skill work and then a certain rep scheme for a specific lift that day. This will last between 4 to 6 weeks, to give our body a rest and our central nervous system a break from the 3 days of maximal lifts that we have been performing over the last 6 months. I see great things to happen within those 6 weeks and cannot wait to see the results.

II. Dynamic Mobility Warm-Up:
90 Degree Quad Stretch
Butt Kicks
Inch Worm
High Knees
Hip Mobility
Power Skips
Frog Stretch to Squat

III. Skill Warm-Up and Practice:
10 Minutes of Handstand Push-Up Practice

* Work on Technique and Form… Different ways to work on handstands can be different for all people. If you can perform regular handstand-push-ups, increase your range of motion by adding plates or paralletes. If you can perform handstand push-ups to two abmats, then increase range of motion, by lowering it to one abmat. If you have not performed a handstand push-up, then practice kicking up to the wall and doing static handstand holds. The different variations are endless, practice for the time allotted, and see your handstand ability get better over time. *


IV. Strength Bias and Vagabond Challenge:
A. As Many Reps as Possible of: Strict Pull-Ups x 5 sets, rest 3:00 minutes between each set
B. 2000 m Row Challenge: This is a Time Trial, Row as Fast and Hard as possible to get the best time that you can

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