"Sled Drags and AMRAP Hell"(9.13.2010)

Some of the Vagabonds who performed the Partner Workout of the Day!!

I. Vagabond Partner Workout Thoughts:
As a owner, coach, trainer, and athlete I could not have been prouder of the Vagabonds that participated in the Vagabond Partner Workout on Saturday. A few months ago, the Vagabond garage or gym would have been empty on a Saturday Morning. The community is beginning to grow in numbers, but also with heart and desire to see Vagabond grow as a successful CrossFit Gym. Everyone gave it their all and everyone did a great job on the workout. I was impressed with everyone’s work performance, but was more impressed with the desire to help others through their workout and also show true compassion to giving confidence to one another during their workout. It makes someone like me, the owner of the gym, proud to say that you guys are part of Vagabond CrossFit and makes me really love my job. I am not Vagabond CrossFit, ALL OF YOU are the ones who make Vagabond CrossFit what it is. Without your heart, desire, and determination nothing could be possible within those 2200 square feet of walls. I just want to say to every Vagabond that I am proud to have you all part of Vagabond CrossFit, and all of you make it worthwhile to wake up every morning and say, “I am going to train the best people in the world today.”

II. Vagabond Paleo Challenge is Right Around the Corner:
Anyone who has signed up for the Paleo Challenge, we will be taking measurements and weighing in the Vagabond Facility. Also food journals will be handed out to whoever is participating in the Challenge. You must pay 20$ to participate in the Vagabond Paleo Challenge. All the money will be rewarded at the end of of the 3 month campaign to the winners. The Paleo Challenge will start on September 16th, 2010, which is a Thursday.

III. Dynamic Mobility Warm-Up:
Monostructural Warm-Up x 4:00 Minutes(Bike, Row, or Aerodyne)
Skater Squat
Shoulder Mobility(Bands)
Lunge Complex
Bodyweight Good Mornings
Hip Extension/Flexion

IV. Skill Agility Work:
T-Agility Drill x 4 Trips
*3 Cones will be setup in a T- Line Version, you will complete 4 Trips.*

V. Assistance Strength Exercise and Metabolic Conditioning Workout of the Day:
A. Sled Drags, AMDAP, x 15 seconds, rest 1:00 minutes between efforts(50% of BW) B. 4 sets of:
30 seconds AMRAP Thrusters(95/65)
30 seconds AMRAP 10 m Line Touches
30 seconds AMRAP DB/KB Swings @ 55/35

*Rest 2:30 between sets, if you feel that this is to long of rest, then you did not work hard enough during your 90 seconds of work.*

*Big Dawgs Scale up to 105 lbs/75 lbs on Thrusters and 65 lbs/45 lbs on DB Swings*

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