"Squat and Jump"(8.24.2010)

Workout of the Day at CrossFit OTG in Williamstown, New Jersey at CrossFit Olympic Lifting Cert!

I. Where Do We Start in the Olympic Lifts? Position?:
The one question that is asked by many throughout the CrossFit Community! I have been mentored by one of the best coaches in the Olympic Lifting World over the last year, Coach Mike Burgener, and he has always told me to start every person from the high hang position of the snatch or clean. Also, do not be scared of the Olympic Lifts because they are technical and avoided by many in the fitness world. If you can jump, then you can snatch or clean. Always remember, to jump and you will be alright. The High Hang Position is exactly what it sounds like. You will be standing tall with hips and legs at full extension. If you know how to push press, then you will be able to perform the next progression. You will take your knees, dip down and drive up. It is that simple! How do you learn the progressions for the snatch and clean? I have been taught many ways, but the best way to train the beginner is to introduce the Coach B Warm-Ups. These are simple progressions, that take you through the progressions of the movements through the snatch and clean. We always start by teaching the snatch as this is more complicated than the clean. After you have been properly trained in the snatch, then the clean will be a piece of cake. The only difference between the clean and the snatch is the finishing position. Instead of going overhead, you will drop down into a front squat position and perform a front squat. Remember to keep in your head, if you can jump, then you can perform the Olympic Lifts!!!

II. White Board Sign-Up Clinic:
1. Olympic Lifting Clinic I Sunday, September 26th, 2010(15$)
Please sign up on the whiteboard in the gym to reserve your spot, as this clinic is filling up quick.
2. Pull-Up Clinic I: Saturday, September 19th, 2010(10$)
Please sign up on the whiteboard to reserve your spot for this specialty clinic.
3. Rugged Maniac 5K: October 2nd, 2010
Please go to website and sign up online. We are all trying to get slots between 10 am and Noon, so when they ask you what slot you want, put any of these times in.

III. Dynamic Mobility Warm-Up:
Inch Worm to Push-Up
Lunge Complex
90 Degree Quad Stretch
Hip Mobility Complex
Hollow Rocks
Superman Holds

IV. Skill Transfer Exercises(7 to 10 Minutes):
Handstand Push-Up Practice depending on your ability
Static Handstand Holds, Box Handstand Push-Ups, Abmat Handstand Push-Ups, Full Range of Motion Handstand Push-Ups, Parallete Handstand Push-Ups, etc..

V. Metabolic Conditioning Workout of the Day( “Squat and Jump”):
30-25-20-15-10-5 of:
Back Squat @ 95/65 lbs
Box Jumps @ 24/20

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