"Squats, Pulls, and Push"(8.12.2010)

What Do You Choose For Your Monostructural Warm-Up?
At least 5 minutes of a monostructural device pays dividends to being properly warm up for your workout and before your dynamic mobility warm-up. Biking, Rowing, Running, or Aerodyne Biking are the preferred exercises to properly warm the body up before you tackle a workout of the day.

I. Reminder for the Weekend(CrossFit Running Certification):
Just a quick reminder to all Vagabonds, that the gym will be closed for August 14th and August 15th, 2010 due to the CrossFit Running Certification. I will post a workout for Saturday, if you are interested at all in performing a workout throughout the weekend. I hope you all have a great weekend, and will see you all on Monday for a “Girl Workout” from the old CrossFit History Books.
Anyone who wants to meet at 5:00 pm on Saturday at Vagabond to meet up and go out with the CrossFit Running Certification Crew to dinner is more than welcome. Please let me know, if you are interested in taking part in this social event.

II. What are the Benefits for Strength Training for Women?:
I came across a great article on how strength training can actually help women lose weight and look more toned. The usual response I get from women, when they ask what my program consists of is, “I do not want to get bulky and look like a bodybuilder.” The simple fact is you will not get bulky and look like the bodybuilders you see on the television. If you look at the top women in CrossFit, they are not bulky or big, but have a lean physique and tons of lean muscle. A good crossfit gym to check out and see a woman who does alot of strength training is CrossFit New England, Heather Bergereon. The simple benefits of strength training for women is endless and here are some finer points to expel the “urban myth” if strength training makes you look bulky. Listen up girls because this is all true.

1. You will lose fat and gain lean muscle. You will decrease your body fat and keep the same bodyweight.

2. You will better your physique and in the meantime gain lean muscle mass in your upperbody(where most women have problems), and lose that unwanted fat in your legs.

3. You will increase bone density, which helps prevent osteoporosis.

4. You will have better blood circulation.

5. You will gain strength.

6. You will do the same reps and sets as men, and you will see the same benefits.

7. It all goes by the amount of calories you take in, and how much you expend.

8. Strength Training will gain muscle and lose fat.

9. If you train hard, consistently, and live a healthy lifestyle, you will see results.

10. Is that enough BENEFITS for you Ladies!!!?

III. Strength and Metabolic Conditioning Skill Workout of the Day:
A1. 5 reps, touch and go, Squat Cleans, rest 30 seconds
A2. 10 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups, rest 1:00 minute
A3. AMRAP Bench Press, rest 2:00 minutes

* You will complete 7 sets for each exercise. You will go up weight for each squat clean, and will do as many reps as possible in bench press.You will rotate between the 3 exercises.*
*Total Repetions for Each Movement*
1.Squat Cleans= 35 reps
2.Pull-Ups=70 reps
3.Bench Press= As Many Reps as Possible

*Scaling Options for Pull-Ups and Bench Press:*

Advanced: Chest to Bar
Intermediate: Chin Over Bar or Banded Pull-Ups
Beginner: Ring Rows(As horizontal as possible)

*Bench Press*
Advanced: 135 lbs/95 lbs
Intermediate: 105 lbs/75 lbs
Beginner: 85 lbs/55 lbs

Post Weights Used and Number of Repetitions to Comments.