"Staying Motivated During the Summer Months"


Motivation and Completion of Staying Strong

The joys of summer have come upon us with family events, family vacation, relaxing, and school vacations. Happiness, love, joy, and feelings of euphoria stem from relaxation and being able to step back and look back at the life we have created for ourselves and our families. As a gym owner for close to a decade, the inevitable seems to happen every summer: the lack of attendance at the gym and the daily routine people enjoy during the other 9 and half months. Our goal at Vagabond is to create an environment with a core focus centered on enriching our community through health, wellness, and our three core values: dedication, patience, and consistency.

These three key words must be remembered during the summer months. If we can remember these during the summer, then we will have no issue following our plan of health and wellness, regardless of whether you are traveling on vacation or staying at home. To achieve success through the summer and avoiding being de-railed from nice weather or the call of the beach, we can execute the following five steps to increase the odds of keeping on track during this time period.

First, take a piece of paper and write down the positives and negatives of attending the gym or even getting a simple run/walk/short workout in. Keep a journal or a notepad handy to record your overall goals. I can almost guarantee you will be in the positive compared to the negative.

Second, keep a schedule of what days you know you can attend a class during the week and write them down in your calendar. Ultimately, this holds you accountable. Writing objectives down is setting you up for success because it forces you to be visual and it is right in front of you in concrete. I am a big supporter of writing your goals down!
Third, say the three core values of Vagabond on a daily basis: Dedication, Patience, and Consistency. Say these 3 words, 5 times in the morning and this will keep you honest in getting your workout in and staying on track no matter where you are during the summer time.

Fourth, keep in touch with gym members during the summer, especially those ones who you know comes to the gym on a consistent basis. This tool will keep you honest with yourself and also keep you accountable during the summer because hopefully that person staying consistent will keep you in line as well.

Fifth and finally, if you are someone who is consistent the other 9 and half months, think of all the good that came out from attending the gym during those months and how much more you can gain within those other two and half months.

This article is not meant to be a push to attend the gym every day, it is a push to stay motivated and find ways to stay healthy and fit during the summer so you can be the best version of yourself possible.

Remember have fun, live life, find different ways to work out, and be consistent to the best of your ability with these 5 points!