"Summertime Fun"(6.7.2011)

A Community is important to a CrossFit Gym and sometimes what makes the difference between Us and Them!

I. Dynamic Movement Warm-Up(Pre-Warm-Up before class 5 to 7 Minutes):
3 Rounds of:
Row 250 m or Run 200 m
Snatch Push Press x 10 reps
Overhead Squat x 10 reps
Snatch Balance x 10 reps
Samson Stretch x 10 reps( 5 each leg)
*Ask a Vagabond Coach to go over Progressions of Snatch Movements*
II.Class Warm-Up:
“Vagabond Warm-Up”
III. Mobilization Piece Warm-Up:
1. Shoulder Partner Buddy Stretch- 2 Minutes each person
2. Calf Stretch Against Wall- 90 second each calf
3. Super Spiderman Stretch- 90 seconds each leg and hip
IV. Conditioning Workout of the Day:
“Summertime Fun”(3 Rounds for time of):
30 DB Split Snatch(Alternating Arms)
Run 800 m
*Level 1*
DB Split Snatches @ 30/15
*Level 2*
DB Split Snatches @ 35/20
*Level 3*
DB Split Snatches @ 40/25
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